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Cycling has never been this safe

Find out what makes DVR80,
the best camera for you on the road


Upon detection of heavy impact, the camera will automatically continue recording for an hour
for your safety

Long Lasting
Battery Life

Up to 9.5 hours of 1080p, 30 FPS video recording


Durable COB light with 80 Lumens output which last 50,000 hours


In the event of an crash leading to the damaged of the camera, footages right up to the crash will be stored safely and not corrupted

TOOOCycling™ Next Generation Bicycle Lamp Camera


Next Generation Bicycle Lamp Camera

DVR80 Model features Sony image sensor that records up to FHD 1080P 60fps.
Your perfect companion for both day and night time adventures.

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TOOO Cycling™ DVR80

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Updates about our ongoing upgrades and processes to DVR80

Updates about our ongoing upgrades and processes to DVR80

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Thoughts from fellow riders

Fantastic value for money

Reliable and honest seller, highly recommended. Fast delivery too. The quality of the video is really very sharp and good.

Coo********tor (Carousell)

A great alternative

A great alternative to Cycliq cameras at a better prices, with excellent video quality & battery life.

a*****6 (Shopee)

Great Camera.

Especially at night mode. At speed 40km/h the camera is still very stable. Highly recommended.

lee********alt (Shopee)

Fantastic service.

Camera battery lasted 6 hours (with rear blinking and 60fps). Far beyond what GoPro or cycliq can offer.


Superb quality product

Night video is clear and sharp. Very attractive price compared to other products with lower quality video.