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Updates about our ongoing upgrades and processes to DVR80

Jan 21, 2022

Updates about our ongoing upgrades and processes to DVR80

Recently, the team received some case about waterproofing in the group. Although the proportion is very low, we still sorry for the inconvenience caused to users. but please rest assured that the team and distributors will always provide timely and excellent customer service.

As a product designed for bicycles, it can ensure long enough battery life while also being small enough. It is very compact in structure, so the design related to waterproof performance is very challenging. It is reflected in the following points:

1. Physical structure design
Compared with the first-generation TOOO Cycling DVR80, in the second-generation product, we have redesign the structural. Structural design eliminates the possibility of the water inlet position.

2. Product bonding process
Because the product requires a compact appearance and a small enough volume, we cannot assemble the body by using a waterproof rubber ring and fixing it with screws. In this case, the body will become bulky. So we adopted the bonding process. We use hot melt adhesive, which is heated to 120 to 130 degrees Celsius and used to bond the fuselage. When the glue is fully cured after 24 hours, it can provide strong anti-drop and waterproof capabilities for the body.

According to our assessment, there is a high probability that the reports of water seepage in the fuselage that we have received are caused by the reasons in this link. Therefore, we seek to upgrade the process in this link.

3. Waterproof detection
In order achieve more stringent waterproof performance, we will improve the detection method and change the random inspection into a full inspection.

Updates about our ongoing upgrades and process to make improvements to the product.

1. We are seeking to introduce an automatic dispensing machine based on machine vision, which will precisely ensure that the glue is injected into the slot of the fuselage with an accurate amount and trajectory.

2. We will make small changes on the fuselage and reserve the air vent for waterproof detection. After the 100% inspection is passed, the metal nameplate with the brand LOGO will be pasted. 

Regarding the after-sales service of the camera, we are willing to provide additional after-sales service for problems caused by water seepage in the camera due to non-human reasons. Rest assured, our users, that we are willing to stay with you as we do now to listen to your feedback and keep in touch.

Let's make TOOOCycling better together!
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